Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting Adjusted

Ahh it has been a cool Afghan spring. It has only been in the low 110s earlier this week and I think yesterday was a cool 108. Everything is airconditioned. We are spending a gazillion dollars in diesel fuel to air condition just about every building and individual bedroom in a good sized town.....fortunately, for this fat old geezer.

Well, no surprise that my bowels decided to go romping with the camels in the desert for a few days. They were just rebelling against the food. Can't say that I blame them for wanting to do their own thing, but I was not overl thrilled with their independence. I put the immodium leash back on them now and they are behaving like a hardheaded puppy.

Well, i made a friend here and he gave me some of his pictures of downtown Kandehar. I know that I am not violating any security rules by sharing these with you, so here they come. This gentleman is well connected and he knows the Karzai family. He also believes that the Greg Mortenson book, Three Cups of Tea is a fake.
I went outside of the base the other day and rode in an armored vehicle through a small town on the outskirts od Kandehar. I asked and next time, I will take pictures. You can compare them with these pics. These pictures represena a calm, ordered city. The little town I went through was a study in contrasts. It was one of the poorest places I had ever seen. Complee with apartment buildings that were built by the Soviets and bumbed into rubble by the Taliban.

Oh well, that's my quick shot for the night - but don't worry. I've got a mere 51 weeks to go.

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